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Single Sign-On SSO for Magento

Single Sign-On for Magento is a professional extension that automatically signs users in as they browse between multiple and independent Magento shops in your network. Take away the need for your users to re-enter their authentication credentials when they switch from one of your shops to another.

Single Sign-On can be installed within minutes, is 100% compliant with all European and U.S. data protection laws and seamlessly integrates into your Magento shop. The plugin can be combined with our other SSO plugins like per example for OpenCart or WordPress.

Using this extension requires a OneAll site with a business plan that includes the Single Sign-On service.

1. Installation

The installation takes only a few minutes. Please follow the instructions carefully and do not skip any steps.

a. Download the extension

Download Single Sign-On for Magento

b. Open the Magento Connect Manager

Login to your Magento administration area and navigate to System \ Magento Connect \ Magento Connect Manager. Please note that you might be prompted to login with your administration credentials once again at this point.

Magento Connect Manager

c. Upload the extension

Click on Browse, select the file that you have downloaded before and then click on the Upload button.

Magento Upload Single Sign-On

d. Re-Login required

Logout from your Magento administration area and then login again to refresh the Magento cache. The Single Sign-On configuration page might display an error message if you skip this step. This is not an error of the extension, but a limitation of Magento.

2. Configuration

a. Open the configuration panel

Login to your Magento administration area, open the System \ Configuration panel and then click on the OneAll Single Sign-On link in the left navigation bar.

Magento Setup Single Sign-On

b. Setup the API connection handler

Click on the Autodetect API Connection button. You should receive a green success message if your server is able to communicate with our API. Your firewall must allow outbound requests on either port 80 or 443.

c. Enter your API credentials

To obtain your API credentials, please login to your OneAll account and open the page Site Settings \ API Settings & Credentials of a Site.

Fill out the API credentials in the Magento administration area and click on the Verify API Settings button. You should receive a green success message if your credentials are correct.

d. Repeat the installation

Do not forget to install the extension in all of the Magento shops that you want to enable SSO for.

3. Help & Troubleshooting

a. I get an error 404 when opening the Single Sign-On setup page in the Magento admin area.

This is a very common error that shows in Magento after having installed a new extension. To fix it you simply need to logout from your Magento administration area and then login again to refresh the cache.

b. Class 'OneAll_SingleSignOn_Block_Adminhtml_System_Config_Fieldset_General' not found.

This error is probably due to an outdated Magento compiler cache. To fix it, please login to your Magento administration area, navigate to System \ Tools \ Compilation and click on Run Compilation Process.

c. How can I enable the Single Sign-On logs?

First of all you need to enable the system and exception logging for your Magento shop:

  1. Log into your Magento administration backend,
  2. Go to System \ Configuration,
  3. Click on Advanced \ Developer in the left side menu panel,
  4. Open the Log Settings section and set Enabled to Yes,
  5. Click on Save Config

Once you have enabled the system logging, the extension will write it's logs to the file var/log/oneall_singlesignon.log

4. Fork on Github

Feel free to fork our Magento GitHub repository to contribute to the development of this extension.

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