User API \ Delete a user PHP SDK

Users /users.json List all
Import from access token
User /users/<user_token>.json Retrieve user details Delete
User /users/<user_token>/contacts.json Read user contacts
User /users/<user_token>/publish.json Publish on social networks


Request: the code to send to the API

Send a DELETE request to the resource /users/<user_token>.json to immediately delete an existing user. The <user_token> has to be replaced by the unique token of an existing user. This operation cannot be undone.

To prevent you from unintentionally deleting a user by mixing up the DELETE/GET methods you have to include the url parameter confirm_deletion=true in your DELETE requests. If you omit this parameter, the user will not be deleted and an error will be thrown.

Result: the code returned by the API

If the user has been deleted successfully, the API will return a HTTP status code 200. If the user could not be deleted, the API will return an appropriate message body with further details on the error that occured.

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