Pull API \ Retrieve the Tweets of a Twitter user

Resource/URI GET
Facebook · Retrieve a user's likes /pull/identities/<identity_token>/facebook/likes.json Retrieve Likes
Facebook · Retrieve a user's posts /pull/identities/<identity_token>/facebook/posts.json Retrieve Posts
Facebook · Retrieve a user's groups /pull/identities/<identity_token>/facebook/groups.json Retrieve Groups
Facebook · Retrieve a user's group posts /pull/identities/<identity_token>/facebook/group/<pageid>/posts.json Retrieve Group Posts
Facebook · Retrieve a user's pages /pull/identities/<identity_token>/facebook/pages.json Retrieve Pages
Facebook · Retrieve a user's page posts /pull/identities/<identity_token>/facebook/page/<pageid>/posts.json Retrieve Page Posts
Facebook · Retrieve a user's page post reactions /pull/identities/<identity_token>/facebook/page/<pageid>/posts.json Retrieve Page Post Reactions
LinkedIn · Retrieve a user's posts /pull/identities/<identity_token>/linkedin/user/posts.json Retrieve User Posts
LinkedIn · Retrieve a user's companies /pull/identities/<identity_token>/linkedin/companies.json Retrieve Companies
LinkedIn · Retrieve a user's company posts /pull/identities/<identity_token>/linkedin/company/<companyid>/posts.json Retrieve Company Posts
LinkedIn · Retrieve a post /pull/identities/<identity_token>/linkedin/post.json Retrieve Post
LinkedIn · Retrieve post comments /pull/identities/<identity_token>/linkedin/post/comments.json Retrieve Post Comments
Pinterest · Retrieve a user's boards /pull/identities/<identity_token>/pinterest/boards.json Retrieve Boards
Pinterest · Retrieve a user's board pins /pull/identities/<identity_token>/pinterest/board/<boardid>/pins.json Retrieve Board Pins
Steam · Retrieve a user's games /pull/identities/<identity_token>/steam/games.json Retrieve Games
Twitch · Retrieve all broadcaster's subscriptions /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitch/broadcaster/subscriptions.json Retrieve Broadcaster's subscriptions
Twitch · Retrieve channels information /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitch/channels.json Retrieve Channels
Twitch · Retrieve clips information /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitch/clips.json Retrieve Clips
Twitch · Retrieve games information /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitch/games.json Retrieve Games
Twitch · Retrieve most viewed games /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitch/games/top.json Retrieve Top Games
Twitch · Retrieve live streams /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitch/streams.json Retrieve Streams
Twitch · Retrieve users information /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitch/users.json Retrieve Users
Twitch · Retrieve follow relationships between two users /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitch/users/follow.json Retrieve Users Follows
Twitch · Retrieve videos information /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitch/videos.json Retrieve Videos
Twitter · Retrieve a user's followers /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitter/followers.json Retrieve Followers
Twitter · Retrieve a user's followings /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitter/followings.json Retrieve Followings
Twitter · Retrieve a user's tweets /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitter/tweets.json Retrieve Tweets
Twitter · Retrieve a user /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitter/user.json Retrieve User
YouTube · Retrieve a user's channels /pull/identities/<identity_token>/youtube/channels.json Retrieve Channels
YouTube · Retrieve a user's playlists /pull/identities/<identity_token>/youtube/playlists.json Retrieve Playlists
YouTube · Retrieve a user's playlist videos /pull/identities/<identity_token>/youtube/playlist/<playlistid>/videos.json Retrieve Playlist Videos
YouTube · Retrieve a user's channel sections /pull/identities/<identity_token>/youtube/channel/sections.json Retrieve Channel Sections


Request: the code to send to the API

Send an API request to the following endpoint in order to retrieve the Tweets of a Twitter user:

GET /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitter/tweets.json

The <identity_token> is obtained whenever one of your users connects using Twitter. The following URL parameters can optionally be used with this endpoint:

URL Parameter Description
Indicates how many Tweets should be included in the resultset. The valid range is between 1 an 200.
Default: 50
If specified, only Tweets having an id greater than this value are returned. To paginate the resultset, simply read the first page, note the id of the last entry and then make another request by using it's value for after_tweet_id.
Example: 1060488451450195969
If specified, only the tweet with the specified id will be returned.
Example: 910891858989060096

To be able to use this endpoint, Twitter must be fully configured for your OneAll Site. Alternatively you can also use our Search API to retrieve Tweets based on search criteria. New Tweets can be published with our Push API.

Result: the code returned by the API

Response Example

  "response": {
    "request": {
      "date": "Thu, 03 Jan 2019 11:35:33  0100",
      "resource": "/pull/identities/5287bc78-9efb-4e59-abd9-252b432256e0/twitter/tweets.json",
      "status": {
        "flag": "success",
        "code": 200,
        "info": "Your request has been processed successfully"
    "result": {
      "data": {
        "count": 3,
        "entries": [
            "id": 6415443946641544396,
            "url": "https://twitter.com/OneAll/status/6415443946641544396",
            "date": "Thu, 08 Nov 2018 12:05:24  0100",
            "text": "Reunite your existing user data in a state-of-the-art security environment that is 100% compliant with all US & EU data protection laws.",
            "type": "tweet",
            "num_retweets": 312,
            "num_favorites": 27,
            "links": [
                "url": "https://twitter.com/i/web/status/3841413374384141337",
                "url_short": "https://t.co/xyzxyzxyzx"
            "place" : 
                    "id" : "61490a94f1b5dde4",
                    "url" : "https://api.twitter.com/1.1/geo/id/61490a94f1b5dde4.json",
                    "place_type" : "city",
                    "name" : "Abreu e Lima",
                    "full_name" : "Abreu e Lima, Brasil",
                    "country_code" : "BR",
                    "country" : "Brésil"
            "id": 975676099354071040,
            "url": "https://twitter.com/OneAll/status/975676099354071040",
            "date": "Mon, 19 Mar 2018 11:11:23 +0100",
            "text": "@OneAll Hi, Discord is available on MyBB. You can download it on our GitHub repo here : https://t.co/8NIILcigSJ",
            "type": "reply",
            "num_retweets": 0,
            "num_favorites": 1,
            "links": [
                "url": "https://twitter.com/i/web/status/975676099354071040",
                "url_short": "https://t.co/8NIILcigSJ"
            "id": 941650483214798848,
            "url": "https://twitter.com/OneAll/status/941650483214798848",
            "date": "Fri, 15 Dec 2017 13:45:44 +0100",
            "text": "RT Do you use OneAll (@oneall) and recommend 👍 them? You can do it here 👉 https://t.co/1AcxlFkGlp 🚀",
            "type": "retweet",
            "num_retweets": 123,
            "num_favorites": 4,
            "links": [
                "url": "https://twitter.com/i/web/status/941650483214798848",
                "url_short": "https://t.co/1AcxlFkGlp"

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