Identity API \ Link an identity to another user PHP SDK

Send a PUT request to this resource to link an identity to another user.

Identities /identities.json List all identities
Identity /identities/<identity_token>.json Read identity details Delete identity
Identity /identities/<identity_token>/link.json ReLink identity
Identity /identities/<identity_token>/synchronize.json Synchronize identity
Resource/URI - Provider Specific Complete Plus Data GET POST PUT DELETE
Steam Games /identities/<identity_token>/steam/games.json List all Steam games
YouTube Videos /identities/<identity_token>/youtube/videos.json List all YouTube videos
Facebook Posts /identities/<identity_token>/facebook/posts.json List all Facebook posts


Request: the code to send to the API

Send a PUT request to the resource /identities/<identity_token>/link.json and include the structure below as POST data in order to link an identity to another user. The <identity_token> has to be replaced by the unique token of an existing identity.

An identity can only be linked to one user at a time. If you link it to a new user, it will be unlinked from the user to which it is currently linked.

POST data to include in your request

					"user_token": "#user_token#"
Key Description
* #user_token# The user_token of the new user to link the identity to.
Example: 5360232a-d9ca-4433-8128-44a9e1d9cec3

Result: the code returned by the API

The API will either return a HTTP status code 200 if the identity was sucessfully relinked or an appropriate message body with further details on the error that occured.

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