Implementation On Websites

Social Login Implementation

Integrate Social Login in order to let new users sign up for an account on your website by using their existing accounts from over thirty different social networks such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Foursquare and LinkedIn.

Social Link Implementation

Add Social Link to so that your existing users can link their account to one or more social networks. These user can then also login on your website by using our Social Login service.

Single Sign-On Implementation

Discover how to integrate Single Sign-On in order to automatically sign in users as they browse between multiple and independent websites in your network. Take away the need for yours user to re-enter their authentication credentials when they switch from one of your websites to another.

LoudVoice Implementation

LoudVoice is a powerful comments platform that includes logging in with 35+ social networks, spam filters, votes, multiple languages, automatic backups and Markdown styling and syntax. LoudVoice makes it easy to maintain high quality conversations on your content.

User Contributed Notes