User Cloud Storage API PHP SDK

Our Cloud Storage offers a durable and highly available cloud-hosted database that allows you to store your own user data. The API supports full control over your user database, allowing you to easily view, edit, update, delete and export your data.

Store your user data in a state-of-the-art security environment and get a centralized access point that you can use to authenticate your users from any website or mobile application in your eco-system.

Resource/URI Cloud Storage Required GET POST PUT DELETE
Create a new user. /storage/users.json Create
Update an existing user. /storage/users/<user_token>.json Update
Synchronize a new or existing user. /storage/users/user/synchronize.json Synchronize
Authenticate an existing user. /storage/users/user/lookup.json Authenticate

The user_token is a key that uniquely identifies a user.

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