Pull API \ Retrieve the comments of a LinkedIn post

Resource/URI GET
Facebook · Retrieve a user's likes /pull/identities/<identity_token>/facebook/likes.json Retrieve Likes
Facebook · Retrieve a user's posts /pull/identities/<identity_token>/facebook/posts.json Retrieve Posts
Facebook · Retrieve a user's groups /pull/identities/<identity_token>/facebook/groups.json Retrieve Groups
Facebook · Retrieve a user's group posts /pull/identities/<identity_token>/facebook/group/<pageid>/posts.json Retrieve Group Posts
Facebook · Retrieve a user's pages /pull/identities/<identity_token>/facebook/pages.json Retrieve Pages
Facebook · Retrieve a user's page posts /pull/identities/<identity_token>/facebook/page/<pageid>/posts.json Retrieve Page Posts
Facebook · Retrieve a user's page post reactions /pull/identities/<identity_token>/facebook/page/<pageid>/posts.json Retrieve Page Post Reactions
LinkedIn · Retrieve a user's posts /pull/identities/<identity_token>/linkedin/user/posts.json Retrieve User Posts
LinkedIn · Retrieve a user's companies /pull/identities/<identity_token>/linkedin/companies.json Retrieve Companies
LinkedIn · Retrieve a user's company posts /pull/identities/<identity_token>/linkedin/company/<companyid>/posts.json Retrieve Company Posts
LinkedIn · Retrieve a post /pull/identities/<identity_token>/linkedin/post.json Retrieve Post
LinkedIn · Retrieve post comments /pull/identities/<identity_token>/linkedin/post/comments.json Retrieve Post Comments
Pinterest · Retrieve a user's boards /pull/identities/<identity_token>/pinterest/boards.json Retrieve Boards
Pinterest · Retrieve a user's board pins /pull/identities/<identity_token>/pinterest/board/<boardid>/pins.json Retrieve Board Pins
Steam · Retrieve a user's games /pull/identities/<identity_token>/steam/games.json Retrieve Games
Twitch · Retrieve all broadcaster's subscriptions /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitch/broadcaster/subscriptions.json Retrieve Broadcaster's subscriptions
Twitch · Retrieve channels information /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitch/channels.json Retrieve Channels
Twitch · Retrieve clips information /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitch/clips.json Retrieve Clips
Twitch · Retrieve games information /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitch/games.json Retrieve Games
Twitch · Retrieve most viewed games /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitch/games/top.json Retrieve Top Games
Twitch · Retrieve live streams /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitch/streams.json Retrieve Streams
Twitch · Retrieve users information /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitch/users.json Retrieve Users
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Twitter · Retrieve a user's followers /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitter/followers.json Retrieve Followers
Twitter · Retrieve a user's followings /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitter/followings.json Retrieve Followings
Twitter · Retrieve a user's tweets /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitter/tweets.json Retrieve Tweets
Twitter · Retrieve a user /pull/identities/<identity_token>/twitter/user.json Retrieve User
YouTube · Retrieve a user's channels /pull/identities/<identity_token>/youtube/channels.json Retrieve Channels
YouTube · Retrieve a user's playlists /pull/identities/<identity_token>/youtube/playlists.json Retrieve Playlists
YouTube · Retrieve a user's playlist videos /pull/identities/<identity_token>/youtube/playlist/<playlistid>/videos.json Retrieve Playlist Videos
YouTube · Retrieve a user's channel sections /pull/identities/<identity_token>/youtube/channel/sections.json Retrieve Channel Sections


Request: the code to send to the API

Send an API request to this endpoint to retrieve the comments published on the LinkedIn post:

GET /pull/identities/<identity_token>/linkedin/post/comments.json?urn=<urn>

The <identity_token> is obtained whenever one of your users connects using LinkedIn.

The following URL parameter must be included when calling this endpoint:

URL Parameter Description
* urn
LinkedIn URN identifier of the post (ugcPostUrn or shareUrn).
Example: urn:li:ugcPost:123456789123456789

The following URL parameters may be included when calling this endpoint:

URL Parameter Description
Indicates whether sub-comments should be included in the resultset or not.
Default: false
Indicates how many entries should be included in the resultset. The valid range is between 1 an 200.
Default: 50
Indicates the page that should be retrieved. To paginate the resultset, simply start with page 1 and make subsequent requests to this endpoint while incrementing the page number with each call.
Default: 1

In order to use this endpoint the permission Manage Company Pages (rw_organization_admin) must be enabled in the LinkedIn settings in your OneAll account and the user must have granted that permission when he logged in with LinkedIn. You can publish content for a company using our Push API.

Result: the code returned by the API

Response Example

  "response": {
    "request": {
      "date": "Thu, 11 Apr 2019 11:20:17 +0200",
      "resource": "/pull/identities/918f9d85-ee4a-496f-923a-c7c402232f96/linkedin/company/7787405/posts.json?num_posts=1&page=1",
      "status": {
        "flag": "success",
        "code": 200,
        "info": "Your request has been processed successfully"
    "result": {
      "data": {
        "count": 1,
        "entries": [
           "id": "1234581108492607488",
            "author": "urn:li:person:ABc12CJiKPjr",
            "created_actor": "urn:li:person:ABc12CJiKPjr",
            "created_time": "Thu, 23 Nov 2020 15:24:25 +0000",
            "lastmodified_actor": "urn:li:person:ABc12CJiKPjr",
            "lastmodified_time": "Thu, 23 Nov 2020 15:24:25 +0000",
            "category": 2,
            "message": "Test",
            "commentary_text": {
                "type": "IMAGE",
                "url": "https://media-exp1.licdn.com/dms/image/C562CAQEkL-SJ8DPK_g/comment-image-shrink_8192_800/0/1615996623925?e=1617840000&v=beta&t=Qjl81215MlEcj3DH84pMCQyRpXQE498YokmDhNuaqpw"
            "subcomments": [
                    "id": "1234586637218635777",
                    "actor": "urn:li:person:ABc12CJiKPjr",
                    "created_actor": "urn:li:person:ABc12CJiKPjr",
                    "created_time": "Fri, 08 Dec 2020 21:33:36 +0000",
                    "lastmodified_actor": "urn:li:person:ABc12CJiKPjr",
                    "lastmodified_time": "Fri, 08 Dec 2020 21:33:36 +0000",
                    "message": "test 1"
                    "id": "1234586504494059520",
                    "actor": "urn:li:person:ABc12CJiKPjr",
                    "created_actor": "urn:li:person:ABc12CJiKPjr",
                    "created_time": "Fri, 08 Dec 2020 21:33:36 +0000",
                    "lastmodified_actor": "urn:li:person:ABc12CJiKPjr",
                    "lastmodified_time": "Fri, 08 Dec 2020 21:33:36 +0000",
                    "message": "test 2\n"

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