API Pagination

The OneAll API provides a vast wealth of information for developers to consume. To simplify the handling of large result sets the API supports pagination in a consistent fashion across resources. Endpoints that support pagination include a pagination node in their result set.

Pagination Node Example

"pagination": {
	"current_page": 1,
	"total_pages": 127,
	"entries_per_page": 500,
	"total_entries": 63512,
	"order": {
		"field": "date_creation",
		"direction": "asc"

To navigating through the pages you need to add the parameter ?page={page-number} to the resource url.

For some resources you can also specify how many items you want each page to return by adding the parameter ?entries_per_page={number-of-entries}. Per default 250 items per page are displayed and up to 500 items per page are allowed.

Per default, elements are sorted on creation_date asc. You change change order direction by adding the parameter order_direction=desc (available values : asc or desc)

Here an example on how to jump ahead to page 5 of your user list and getting 50 items per page, ordered by newest first:


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